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Example of FAQ

1. Is it possible to transplant hair from different parts of the body besides of the beard?

Yes but if your donor side is insufficient .

2. Most of the hair on the scalp is still there, how do you plan on transplanting the new follicles in between the existing ones without damaging them?

I dont shave the recipient side so i can see the existing hair

3. If the transplant is done on existing hair, does it affect it? does it cause a damage?

Usually no that is the reason i am very conservative with number of grafts (less grafts, maximum results)

4. In your opinion and according to your experience, does taking Propecia help? If it does, in which areas it works better and in which, less?

Well how propecia works are like seconds effects so not everyone react the same way, some has some other no, usually works better in the crown

5. How many years does your clinic exist?

I am working from 1994, from 2003 only FUE methods

6. How many surgeries has your clinic / surgeon performed to this day?

i am alone, one operation a day

7. On the same note, who performs the surgery? The clinic manager? a professional surgeon?

The same as 6

8. Do you do also PRP after/before the surgery?

After the operation 2-4-6 month

9. If the transplant is divided into 2 separate procedures, done in different times, does it affect the final result for the better?

No i think that it will be better doing 2 separate procedures

10. What is the maximum number of follicles you're able to transplant in one session? Does it exceed the 4,000?

3000fu to 4000fu not more

11. Are you familiar with DHI? Do you offer this method as well?

I was worked till 2004 in DHI Greece

12. We know that it's very individual but as a rule of thumb how many hairs do you, in your clinic, consider every follicle to have?

I am using 0,75 mm punches and with this average of number of hair over follicle are 1,8 hair per grafts

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