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seiadatan fue alopecia sigma hair transplant spain


About FUE Technique


    A FUE Technique does not involve any of the following: FUSS , STRIP,

It's simple and yet so advanced medical procedure with outstanding and 100% natural results!

Minimal postoperative medication is needed because the whole procedure is performed quickly .

The procedure eliminates the need for reception holes because the placement of new hair follicles is performed using the Implanter. Medical assistants no longer need to handle hair follicles during the procedure.

Previously with older techniques, the handling of hair follicles was necessary during certain phases of the procedure, such as to examine them under a microscope, when preserving them in a saline solution in Petri dishes, when counting them and also when loading the implanters.





Smaller diameter punches (0.75mm) lead to faster healing 


Direct implantation of grafts without receptions results in less trauma of the skin

Less invasive.


Less traumatic.


 Reduced bleeding.


Minimal risk of infection as the hair follicles are transferred immediately from the donor area to the recipient area.


Less tiring for the patient (seated position).


To preserve and enhance hair follicle viability between the time that hair follicles are removed from a donor area of the scalp and transplanted into a recipient area, they are subject to damage from several causes:


• Dehydration if the donor follicles are inadequately moistened between the times of removal and transplantation.


• Oxygen and nutrient starvation due to being removed from blood supply during the harvest-to-transplantation time period.


• Temperature and acid/alkaline changes in the follicle environment; and,


• Revascularization injury when the donor follicles are transplanted to the recipient site and must re-adapt to having a blood supply.





We started to use systematically for the appliance of the local anesthesia, a metallic cannula that has two privileges:


1) a blunt ending edge in order not to cut through the tissues of the skin but to separate them and


2) a satisfying length (longer than the traditional needle of the syringe) in order for the doctor to be able to anesthetize larger areas with less injections and to go easily in the proper depth for long lasting anesthesia.


In this way local anesthesia with less skin trauma, less local pain and long duration is insured for clients.


The important point is not only does the hair come out but all the associated portions of the unit including the sebaceous glands and adventitial sheath. These are absolutely necessary for a successful transplant otherwise the new hair transplant unit will die just like the old one did. Fue revolutionary form of hair transplantation has completely changed the hair restoration game and made re-growing hair in your bald spot a breeze. 


So... what would you choose ?

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