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Questions / Answers

The procedure is painful?

Local anesthesia, possibly assisted by premedication makes perfectly painless and meeting suites.

When can I return to work?
Hair transplantation is a small operation, performed on an outpatient basis. The resumption is possible the next day in the vast majority of cases.

Risk of rejection or failure?
The transplanted hair being those of the person being treated, there is no risk of rejection. At most, for vascular reasons, less than 1% of the hair transplant will not grow in some cases, without affecting the quality of the result.

The transplanted hair will they last a lifetime?
Yes, hair transplant keep their genetic characteristics and will never fall. They are not sensitive to the male hormone.

This technique can be applied in all cases?
Depending on the development of baldness, all patients can benefit from this technique, if the donor area is sufficient, which is more than 97% of cases.

How can we relocate hair and it takes several sessions?
Only the doctor is authorized to determine depending on the stage and the evolution of baldness, each case is specific. 1000-4000 hair can be transplanted in a single session. 2-3 sessions may be needed to cover an extensive baldness

What is the consultation?
This is an essential step in the successful correction of baldness. It must allow the surgeon to assess the psychological experience of the patient, the stage and the evolution of baldness and define the implementation strategy. It should also enable the patient to transmit all necessary information, both in terms of the progress of the intervention recommendations to be observed in the suites.

Who to consult?
Skilled in reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery surgeon specializing in hair surgery. At the end of the consultation, the surgeon in accordance with the law will give you a quote and you operate in a specialized clinic.

The results
The change is gradual and spread over time over a period of 3 to 6 months, the transplanted hair regrowth occurs gradually at a rate of 1 cm per month, not "shock" the entourage.
The result can only be judged after the sixth month. New hair can be cut like normal hair.



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