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Pubic Hair Transpalnt




Today it has become very popular to shave and decorate the intimate parts with different piercings and tattoos. The answer to the question “what should it look like” is influenced greatly by fashion, the intimate hairdressers come up with different ideas and designs for the joy of the women and men who like trying out new things. However in some parts of the world the just the opposite is in fashion, for example in South Korea the newest trend is pubic hair cloning, since there the rich pubic hair symbolizes fertility for the people who live there. The Asian women spend great amounts of money for the hair which is taken out of their head to be on their groin.


In the western part of the world , there are those people also, who are willing to do anything for their intimate parts to be covered in pubic hair, and it is not connected in any way with the newest trends. In most cases the cause for non-growing pubic hair is genetic, perhaps medical post-treatments of diseases or radiation therapy, but an accident or a burn injury is also possible.


In such cases a well-tried FUE technique is used, In the next phase the area of replantation is prepared, with an implanter tiny holes are made, here the skin pieces will go. The FUE is done in such a special way, that the emerging pubic hair meets all the requirements of the receiving area. Repeating this procedure several times the effect of pubic hair similar to the original state may be obtained. After these treatments the patient regains its self-confidence, psychic problems may cease and the sexual life may be trouble-free


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